Monday, September 12, 2005

We Need Volunteers with Flexibility 

The three community technology centers (CTCs) on site at the Reliant Complex are in a period of transition as the residents seek permanent and temporary housing off-site and begin to rebuild their lives.

Tonight we begin our first organized class onsite at the ACT Center in the Astrodome. Debra Santos, a new CTC volunteer, will be teaching a class on email and Internet skills each evening from 6-8 p.m. The goal is to assist attendees to gain the skills they need to function more effectively in the world that more and more utilizes the internet to share and disseminate information.

In less than a week we expect the number of persons in the Houston area shelters to be consolidated into the Reliant Arena. The CTC that TFA established there will be utilized for continuing classes and support for the evacuee community. In addition TFA is developing a plan to train leaders in existing CTCs to prepare for the provision of classes and services to members of the evacuee community.

The bottom line is this! We will continue to need volunteers for a long time. The location and timing of volunteer support will need to be flexible. Until the ACT Center at the dome closes, we ask that all volunteers not previously assigned report to the ACT Center for deployment to CTCs in need on site at the Reliant complex. The Astrodome Community Technology Center is located on the ground floor of the dome in the Theatre that is located at the South Ramp inside the concourse. If you have last minute questions regarding volunteer assignments at the Reliant complex, please call 713.454.6415 between the hours of 8 and 4.

Volunteers willing to continue providing supportive services to the evacuee community following the movement of our work from the Reliant Complex are asked to email Pam.Gardner@techforall.org with an indication of times available.

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