Saturday, April 09, 2005

7th Annual National Community Internet Summit 

April 28-30, Austin, Texas
Holiday Inn South (3401 South IH-35, Austin, Texas 78741)

“Community Internet – Planning for Success”
Even though we have stronger technology, more knowledge and opportunity than ever before, community Internet is facing a crisis. While broadband access has become vital for economic and social development, America is falling behind in local Internet service; public and private support for community telecommunications is diminishing. It’s time for people interested in community Internet access to get together, to share information, to plan and work with each other to learn and plan for the future of local Internet services. The 2005 Community Internet Conference is a very special gathering of experienced people and organizations who have learned to succeed in the real world of community technology – a unique summit meeting of experts to share wide experience, practical knowledge and innovative ideas for successful community Internet capacity and value.

The Community Internet Summit Conference offers two important educational events:

Thursday, April 28 - a comprehensive one-day Interactive Workshop Seminar on:
“Community Internet Service: Broadband over Power Line and Wireless Access”

Seminar/Workshop for community and industry leaders interested in accurate, objective information on wireless and BPL possibilities for local Internet. Experts explain current costs and technical capacity, legal and regulatory concerns, business models and more.

Sessions will describe basics simply (with information materials) then discuss individual questions and specifics with all participants in interactive group workshop format, with clear, practical information of value for anyone, whether beginner or technology veteran.

Fri/Sat, April 29-30 - an interactive, high level meeting for community Internet planners
“Open Space Austin” – The Community Internet Leadership Summit”

Open Space Austin brings organizations, experts, and individuals together to learn, share and work together for strong, effective community Internet. This intense two day strategy summit provides ideas, information, resources, support and assistance for:

Community broadband access Wireless broadband Internet service
Community Internet Service Providers Broadband over Power Lines (BPL
Community networking initiatives Independent community media
Community technology programs Social, educational & literacy opportunities
Community informatics & research Community social and economic development
Community youth technology resources Business, workforce and job skill development
Community Networking ‘Hall of Fame’ …and other issues of community telecom

Experts lead large and small group discussions on specific issues and questions, plus a copy of a ‘Community Internet Guide’ describing ideas, projects and support resources.

If you care about community Internet, this unique nonprofit, non-commercial conference offers the best professional guidance for successful, sustainable community technology.
We look forward to seeing you April 28-30 at the Holiday Inn South in Austin, Texas.

Details & Registration: http://www.tcrc.net/conference 512-919-7590

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