Thursday, September 01, 2005


This morning I attended a meeting of religious and community leaders at Second Baptist Church. Present in the audience were leaders from Houston's diverse religious community. Included were Christians of all varieties, Jews, Muslims, Budhists, Unitarians, Hindus etc. Those that gathered committed to raise the millions of dollars and volunteers necessary to feed the 25,000 evacuees from New Orleans that will soon be making the Astrodome their new home for the next several months. This is a monumental effort. A United Way Katrina Food Relief Fund has been established to raise funds for the Project call "OPERATION COMPASSION." Contributions can be sent through your church, synagogue or religious group or sent directly to the United Way account which has been established at Chase Bank as Account #00113475207.
The United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast mailing address is:

P. O. Box 924507
Houston, Texas 77018-8015

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