Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina Equipment and Other Needs 

In response to the needs of Hurricane Katrina victims, Technology For All and its corporate and community partners is undertaking an effort to expand existing CTCS and provide additional CTCs in places where Katrina evacuees will be living. Our initial installation under development at the Astrodome has enough committed resources, but we need much more for other sites.

Here is quick summary of what we need....
Pentium 4 or faster computers
SVGA Monitors
10/100 switches and routers
Money for connectivity, expendable supplies, software, etc.
Volunteers (contact Pam.Gardner@techforall.org )

Call TFA at 713.454.6400 for larger equipment donations. Online donations can be made at www.techforall.org. Individual equipment donations can be brought to our office at 2220 Broadway, Houston, Texas 77012. For a map go to http://www.techforall.org/directions.html

Pentium 4 or FASTER computers for providing them with internet access? what kind of bull shit is that. You dont need that fast of a machine for internet access. Someone is trying to get a few good machines donated for other reasons.
seems to me FAST is necessary in a technology CENTER if you are trying to serve multiple slow computers hooked up through a central fast one. i hope Anonymous will think this one through. And who is "them"? Sounds condescending to me.
Disgusting - both of you should be ashamed! What, you think it would be right to send a bunch of useless PCs. Maybe W98 or better yet, Windows ME? Of course they need to set decent specs or people like you would send all of their junk they are too lazy to recycle. I sincerely hope neither of you ever need a handout to survive.
Oppsie, I should have read through myself! Only "anonymous" should have received my vitriol. I apologize W. Van Gennip.
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