Thursday, September 01, 2005

2004 CTC of the Year Assists Katrina Victims 

Macedonia Outreach and Career Center of Houston (MOCC) was TFA's 2004 community technology center of the year. MOCC and Wright-Way Community Development Corporation of Cleveland, Liberty County Texas are both 501c3 tax exempt organizations who are currently collaborating to provide services in support of the victims of hurricane Katrina. Macedonia, of Houston Texas is presently serving 16 families from New Orleans and Wright-Way of Cleveland, Texas is presently seeking services for 125 victims for victims from New Orleans and Louisiana counties who are in desperate need of both daily hygiene supplies, food and housing support. Macedonia has room for approximately 150 people to provide temporary shelter at one of their collaborating service centers, located at 7111 Homestead.
For more information contact Macedonia Outreach and Career Center at 713.674.8898.

Tracy Shipman
Macedonia Outreach and Career Center
3110 Tidwell
Houston, TX 77093

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