Friday, February 18, 2005

Wireless Broadband Discussion Heating Up.........

There are many issues in the wireless broadband discussion that is heating up.

Should Mucipalities be allowed to create wireless broadband networks?

Should collaborative organizations (municipalities and others) be allowed to create wireless broadband networks?

Do restrictions on the creation of wireless broadband networks stifle innovation and competition?

There are many more questions being discussed. But, in my opinion, the bottom line is this.

Wireless broadband is good.

Restrictions on Wireless Broadband do stifle competition and innovation.

In order to serve lower income and under-resourced neighborhoods, communities and rural areas, we will have to work together to deliver creative solutions for broadband Internet access.

Nonprofts, educational institutions, commercial entities and cities and towns can work together to create wireless broadband solutions that both serve the customer and are built upon sustainable business models.

We ought to be working together to encourage legislation that supports innovation and competition rather than restrictions that eliminate all players but major corporations.

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Proposed MuniWireless Bill in Texas Restricts Projects like TFA-Wireless

Texas House Committee on Regulated Industries


Save Texas MuniWireless

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FCC Report on Wireless Broadband

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There is a hearing in Austin on Tuesday, February 22 regarding the proposed legislation.....

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