Tuesday, January 04, 2005

TFA-JobTech begins Business Development Phase --- For the past year, TFA has been writing the business plan, developing the IT infrastructure and through STREET U, training potential employees for TFA-JobTech. With initial funding and capitalization by the U. S. Department of Commerce, TFA-JobTech is a social enterprise focused on providing high quality document conversion and knowledge management services to its customers at a competitive rate using neighborhood labor trained and employed at participating community technology centers. TFA-JobTech is developing business relationships directly with corporations, businesses. governmental agencies and other organizations needing this service as well as serving as a second tier outsourcing opportunity for document conversion and knowledge management companies. TFA-JobTech can convert your files from paper to digital files and "code" or add to them the intelligence you need to manage the knowledge of your organization. To discuss the document conversion or knowledge management needs of your business or organization, please contact Jim Forrest, Business Development Officer at 713.961.0012, x107 or by email at Jim.Forrest@techforall.org .

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