Tuesday, March 09, 2004

NSB Sounds Warning Bell for S&E Workforce
The lack of encouraging news in the culminating report from the National Science Board’s (NSB) three-year study of America’s science and engineering (S&E) workforce is offset only by the urgent call to recognize and counter increased global competition and disturbing demographic trends and projections. The Science and Engineering Workforce: Realizing America’s Potential concludes:

"Global competition for S&E talent is intensifying, such that the United States may not be able to rely on the international S&E labor market to fulfill unmet skill needs; and,
The number of native-born S&E graduates entering the workforce is likely to decline unless the Nation intervenes to improve success in educating S&E students from all demographic groups, especially those that have been underrepresented in S&E careers.”

How can CTCs can help support the development of the S&E workforce? It is probably through more collaborations with schools like the TARGET grant that is working to improve math and science comprehension in 20 low performing HISD schools......CTCs are a vital supportive part of that effort.... see the full research as a pdf document at
..... http://www.nsf.gov/nsb/documents/2003/nsb0369/start.htm

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