Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

This is a great site for CTCs with AfterSchool programs. With the exploration of Mars, the Red Planet, NASA has had to create a special site just to provide Mars exploration updates. There has been so much traffic on NASA's sites that this one is just for those hooked on Mars. As NASA's official Mars site there is new information and photographs constantly appearing as a result of ongoing photographic transmissions. As photographs come in, NASA posts them making these stunning images available as an online resource. There are different links for kids, students, educators and press. (There are separate links for students and "kids".) NASA offers more than different images and descriptions about Mars. They have animations of Mars and of Spirit. The website also tells you about different projects scientists conducted. The descriptions of Mars are reasonable in that kids can understand them and the explanations are accompanied by activities that you can do to learn more about Mars. The website gives an overview and features of the planet. They give programs to explore and there is a data team. The games are a great deal of fun, but you'll have to set your computer to accept popups, which is the how the animations appear.

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