Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Benefits Provided for Community Technology Centers
Houston area organizations joining the Community Technology Centers Network to receive additional benefits from Technology For All

Houston, Texas - (March 24, 2004) Technology For All (TFA) announced today new benefits for Houston area community technology centers (CTCs) that join the Community Technology Centers Network (CTCNet) or are already members of CTCNet. In addition to the regular member benefits that organizations receive as members of CTCNet, TFA will provide additional benefits to CTCNet member organizations in the Greater Houston area.

Additional benefits include: 1) access to online elearning; 2) access to other TFA content for CTCs; 3) participation in TFA's request for computer program with operating system software at preferred prices; 4) free and reduced rates for TFA sponsored meetings and events; 5) listing in an online directory of Houston area CTCs; 6) participation in a Standards of Excellence Program for CTCs; 7) upon nomination, consideration as the Houston area CTC of the Year; 8) technical and program assistance as available through TFA partner relationships; and 9) access to TechAtlas, an online tool for technology assessments and technology asset management.

Since 1997 Technology For All has assisted over 180 Houston area community organizations develop, create and operate CTCs serving low-income and underserved communities. Each of these CTCs and other Houston organizations with CTCs that join CTCNet will receive the added benefits from TFA. TFA is a leader in the field of community technology and recently received national recognition as one of only 28 organizations across the U.S. to receive a grant from the Department of Commerce Technology Opportunities Program. TFA is utilizing the grant as start-up capital for a pilot project that will initially create 42 jobs at three Houston area CTCs. Following the pilot, the program will expand to other CTCNet member CTCs across Houston and the U.S.

About Technology For All
Technology For All (TFA) is a nonprofit initiative focused on empowering low income communities through the tools of community technology and community development. TFA works with over 300 grass roots community organizations operating community technology centers (CTCs) across Houston and in fifty-six other U.S. cities. TFA is a member of the Community Technology Centers Network and the Association for Community Networking. In addition to over 150 community based organizations operating CTCs, key Houston area program partners include the University of Houston College of Technology, The Telecom Opportunity Institute, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, the Houston Technology Center and the Houston Area Technology Advancement Center.

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